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Why this book?

What's Inside?

Instant Python Upgrades: Forget lengthy tutorials. Dive into Python mastery with our concise, actionable tips.

From Zero to Hero: Whether you're a beginner or looking to polish your skills, our tips cater to all levels.

Practical & Pythonic: Learn the elegant, efficient ways to code that make Python such a joy.

Beyond the Basics: Discover powerful libraries, tooling, OOP techniques, and more. This isn't just another Python book; it's your roadmap to coding excellence.
Real-World Python: From constructing dictionaries to advanced OOP, learn through practical examples.

Save Time & Code Better: Master itertools, decorators, context managers, and Python's powerful built-in functions.

Boost Your Career: With tips on robust testing techniques, tooling, including more modern Python features, stand out as a developer who knows their Python skills well! 

Swiss Army Knife of Python: Widely regarded as the 'Swiss Army knife of Python books' by our readers because of how practical and immediately applicable the tips are. 
From Python fundamentals to useful Standard Lib & PyPI modules
What Our Community is Saying
"Bob and Julian are the masters at aggregating these small snippets of code that can really make certain aspects of coding easier. I've been a member of the PyBites site for a few months now, and have always enjoyed getting the tips that you get after completing each bite. I've been taking notes for quite a while and would add each tip into my notes, but having them in book form is like having my own personal index of useful tips. Just today, I used an aspect of sets (set.difference) to help me solve a problem I was working on. Without that, I would have had to do a bunch of looping and conditional statements, but thanks to going through the PyBites Tips book, I remembered this set method that I had forgotten about. There are so many more tips just like this in the book, and they are continually adding to it! I'm still going through the book and am looking forward to the release of the new tips as well." - Jesse B

"The book is a great and handy reference covering a wide array of topics, from Python's standard library to 3rd party tools, such as howdoi, requests and imagio, just to name a few. The discussions are succinct yet thorough enough to give you a solid grasp of the particular problem. I just wish I would have had this book when I started learning Python." - Daniel H

"Joining the PyBites Platform and utilizing the code challenges in the PyBites Python Tips book has increased my Python skill set is relatively short time while constantly keeping me challenged. Tip #73 helped me with pulling in multiple files to analyze data, a great opportunity to automate a repetitive task I perform on a daily basis. It's very empowering to work through the code challenges and be able to put them into real world practice. Thank you Bob and Julian for bringing together this amazing community!" - Beth B

"In terms of knowledge per dollar this is the best investment I've made in the past few years. This is honestly my favorite technical book. Do you ever go on one of those cooking websites for a recipe and have to scroll for what feels like an eternity to get to the ingredients and the 4 steps the recipe actually takes? This is the opposite of that. Each tip is one page: there's some code, an explanation and links to resources if you want to read more. It's not only all you need, it's all you want. I wish there were more books like this!" - Sergio S

"This book is like the Swiss Army knife of Python books. I keep it open on my desktop and revisit it daily while working on projects." - Wilson U
"This is truly a vital addition to every Python programmers toolkit: bang up to date with tips that work correctly on the latest versions of Python. Each tip has appropriate references to online documentation if ever further elaboration is needed. Get out the shredder, you're not going to be short of kitty litter for some time after you rid yourself of all those old dated Python 2.7 hints and tips books: PyBites Python Tips is the premier collection of tips for today's Python. Buy it now: buy it twice and do a friend a favour!" - Geoff R
"I first started really using Python about 5 or 6 years ago when I undertook a MSc in Analytics. Once I’d completed my Masters I let my new Python skills slowly deteriorate through lack of use and this bothered me. When I discovered PyBites nearly two years ago I found a medium through which I could once again immerse myself in Python. I loved the targeted nature of the exercises and how you were encouraged to go and learn about parts of the Python Standard Library that you may not have been aware of. So when I heard that Bob and Julian were bringing out a book I knew that it would be a must have read, and I wasn't disappointed. The book is packed over 150 tips of Python wisdom, and growing, where each tip can be consumed and understood in a matter of minutes. Each Pythonic nugget gives clear and concise example code and also links to resources where you can go deeper if you want further explanation of the concepts. The tips show you the libraries and patterns you should be using in your everyday Python use and is also a great reference for when you know the command that you want to use but can’t quite remember the right syntax. Now you’ll be able to quickly refer back to your go to solution again and again and again. Congratulation to Bob and Julian on the release of this book which continues their great work promoting Python to an ever increasing audience." - David C

"A great companion! I keep this book on my desktop so I can refer to it quickly and even browse through it for fun in my spare time. Since I'm new to python, it's nice having a collection of useful tips curated by folks with much more experience than me. It gives me the confidence knowing that the solutions within are good ones, which is not always the case when searching the web for answers. For that reason alone, I feel this book gives tremendous value. I've already used several tips in my personal projects and at work. Thank you, Bob and Julian for this!" - Ed G

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